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That can take a variety of forms. I've been a musician, a magician, a writer, a
graphic designer, a creative consultant and a public relations executive. So this site
takes many forms as well. It's a way of sharing information, interesting projects and
occasional musings with my colleagues and clients, family and friends.

You'll find music, essays, artwork, presentations, speeches, and links to other sites.
You'll also see quite a few references to
Think INSIDE The Box. That's the name of
blog, but it started out as the title of a professional development presentation I've
developed over the years as a creative strategist. It's really a metaphor, a descriptive
approach to the creative process rooted in the idea that it's impossible to create
something from nothing; that everything new comes from a combination of things that
already exist. My goal is to fill up my "box" with stimulating, diverse and cool things to
help me be creative and discover new insights.

This site is eclectic in the range of its content. But it is uniform in that it all stems from a
desire to live a life of ideas.

— John Armato
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I'll probably say yes
Icon of ideas becomes a great idea itself. The light bulb is shorthand for "idea"
-- ubiquitous in cartoons above the heads of characters in the midst of a Eureka!
moment -- but it's becoming the subject of a particularly good idea. Compact
Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)  are big energy-savers, but they're not cheap. I thought this
article about a project called RelightNY -- started by a teenager with well connected
parents -- was a cool example of moving that "light bulb" above the head into the
hands of action.

A recommendation for book, music and movie recommendations: Head
Butler is a simple, easy-to-navigate and thoughtful site that has been "serving hungry
minds since May 2004." It was created because "there's so much new stuff you need
help finding the good stuff." Check it out.

A cool eye on the sky. I travel a lot, frequently with colleagues converging from
all parts of the country, so there are times when I need to check flight status.
Recently I discovered easily the coolest flight tracking site on the Web.
doesn't just list scheduled and actual arrival/departure times like most airline sites.
It uses satellite imagery to show the progress of individual flights and the collective
traffic for the entire country or an individual airport. Don't know the airline or flight
number, but you know your colleague is coming from Sacramento and is supposed to
arrive at 4:32? Just click on the destination airport and you can view a list of all
flights coming in. Easy enough to figure out which one you're looking for, and its
status is right there.

Of site significance As of April 1, I've completely overhauled "My Friends the
Books." It's now built on an platform that lets me show you images,
reviews, prices, and related titles while building in a shopping cart so you can buy
directly from my site. My recommendations are sorted by categories, including a new
one of books I haven't read yet but are next on my list. You'll also find an Amazon
search function if you want to leap directly into looking for other titles. ... Check out
My New York" for two new restaurant listings: the wonderful Gramercy Tavern and
Cafe Luxembourg. ... In the left sidebar you'll now find a "tell a friend" button. If you
like what's here, please do just that :-) ... I've added misc. new entries for "New
INSIDE The Box." ...I've added a couple new
blog postings and significantly upgraded
my blog site overall. ... I've added new merchandise to my online store. ... I've added
a new page titled "Guest Access" that links directly to password-protected entries
for special content I provide to my colleagues or clients. ... Related to that, my
Fleishman-Hillard colleagues will find I've continued to expanded the content of my
password-protected page for FH-ers.
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